Our Engagement with Stakeholders

We aim to maintain open and positive dialogue with all of our stakeholders. Our stakeholders are a critical part of our operations and are referenced throughout this report. We have set out below details of who our key stakeholders are, and how we engage with them. For our Section 172 Statement, please see page 93.

Area of Focus
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Investment in learning and development
  • Promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Recognition and careers
  • C&C Strategy and values
Why we engage

Our people sit at the heart of our business. Without them we wouldn’t succeed. We want our people to thrive in a fair and inclusive work environment, to ensure that C&C has the most engaged, inspired and committed colleagues.

How we engage

There are many ways we engage, including employee engagement surveys, Employee Resource Groups to promote Health and Wellbeing, employee forums with Non-Executive Directors, whistleblowing reports, online learning and training resources, weekly and monthly Teams and face to face briefings, regular site visits and roadshows.

Area of Focus
  • Fair employment and equal opportunities
  • Local causes and issues
Why we engage

To build trust by operating responsibly and sustainably and investing in people and addressing issues that are material to our communities.

How we engage

We support local and national charities and community groups to raise awareness and funds to help deserving causes. In FY2023, we will introduce a Group wide volunteering policy to allow colleagues to deliver a meaningful impact to the world around us.

Area of Focus
  • Create joyful moments as consumers enjoy one of our drinks with family, friends and loved ones
  • Staying ahead of changing consumer lifestyles and habits which impact how people want to drink
  • Making sure that our beverage offer is sustainable and good for the planet
  • Safe products and environments
Why we engage

We strive to build lasting bonds with consumers built on quality, relevance, authenticity and trust.

On occasions when consumers choose alcohol, we want them to “drink better, not more”.

How we engage

Using award-winning consumer insights, we develop powerful and unique brand positions that engage consumers.

We invest in and nurture our brands, to develop campaigns, experiences and associations that consumers care about.

We utilise the appropriate channels to reach our consumers.

Our brands are available and visible in the correct venues and in the correct formats.

Responsible advertising and marketing, active engagement and education to promote moderation and reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

Area of Focus
  • Product quality and authenticity
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Ethical and sustainable supply chain reducing our environmental impact and making positive contributions to society.
  • Innovation in creation of new brands
Why we engage

Working collaboratively to ensure resilience and availability in our supply chain to deliver the best possible service and value for money for customers and consumers.

Identify opportunities for profitable, sustainable growth.

Collaborate to improve ethical and sustainable approach.

How we engage

Suppliers must sign up to our Code of Conduct and Anti Modern Slavery policies as well as provide detailed information on their Ethical and Sustainable approach.

We have also committed that suppliers and customers making up 67% of our Scope 3 emissions, will have science-based targets in place by 2026. The Company will continuously engage with suppliers and customers to support them to set science-based targets for their own emissions by 2026.

Conduct formal supplier surveys, reviews and audits.

Investments in third party innovative and new brands.

Area of Focus
  • Financial performance
  • Strategic priorities
  • Corporate governance
  • Leadership and succession planning
  • Executive remuneration policy
  • Shareholder returns
  • Environmental and social commitments and progress
Why we engage

Our philosophy is to engage in regular, open and transparent dialogue with our existing and prospective shareholders and lenders. We value their thoughts and opinions which are shared with the Board. The Board reviews the feedback and takes appropriate actions where necessary.

How we engage

We engage with our existing investors through one-to-one and group meetings, webcasts, presentations, conference calls and at our AGM. The Group Finance and Investor Relations Director holds responsibility for the investor relations programme, and the Group CEO and Group CFO dedicate significant time to engaging with our major shareholders. The Chair, other Board members and the Group General Counsel and Company Secretary also engage with our shareholders on other matters, such as Environmental, Social and Governance topics. We engage with lenders primarily through Group Finance and the Group CFO.

Area of Focus
  • Identification of opportunities that offer profitable sustainable growth insights into consumer behaviour and trends, innovation, promotional support and merchandising and technical expertise
Why we engage

Our passion is to ensure we nurture mutually beneficial relationships that deliver joint value and the best outcome for all our consumers.

Collaborate to improve ethical and sustainable performance.

How we engage

We engage through the use of best practice sales analytics and technology to support our retailers, ongoing dialogue and account management support and physical and virtual sales calls.

Our award-winning market insight capability, identifies product range based on consumer demand and market trends.

Area of Focus
  • Positive drinking programmes and impacts
  • Wider sustainability agenda including human rights, environmental impacts
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
Why we engage

To communicate our views to those who have responsibility for implementing policy, laws and regulations relevant to our businesses.

How we engage

Ongoing dialogue, collaboration on responsible drinking initiatives and promotion of moderation, strengthening industry standards and participation in governments’ business and industry advisory groups.